A storyteller with a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary background and a knack for explaining ideas...

William Gadea was born in Peru and grew up in Australia and the Dominican Republic, before coming to the United States to study at film at NYU. Not long after graduating, his interests turned to playwriting; he wrote and produced many works for the off-off-Broadway stage. While he never really fell out of love with the theatre, he did fall out of tolerance with his day job. Feeling the need to find something creative and remunerative to do with his life, he started taking adult education courses in digital animation. He developed a portfolio and started shopping his services around. What followed was a career in children’s television that included work on MTV, Nickelodeon, PBS, and Comedy Channel shows. His work spanned the whole animation pipeline, with credits for editing, compositing, animating, producing, and directing.

In 2006, seeing the online video boom coming, he started offering his freelance services to companies. Starting in 2011, he began to build the IdeaRocket team. Since then, the company has served more than twenty Fortune 500 companies, including brands such as Ford, MetLife, Citibank, Ralph Lauren, and Tiffany & Co.


Since 2008, Gadea has been a Zen Buddhist practitioner. Today, he spends a lot of his time thinking and writing about how storytelling is used to influence and coordinate people. He lives in Westchester County with his wife, Jennifer.